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Fun with the Liquify Tool

This tutorial introduces the basics of the liquify filter, the basic tools and what they can do to an image..

To start off, lets open the image of our victim, for this tutorial, i'll be using this image of Angelina Jolie again :) You can download it here

This tutorial was written using Photoshop CS2, and using the liquify filter, im not sure if this filter is available in older versions.

Now open your Liquify filter, its located at Filter » Liquify

Now to the left of the liquify dialog, you will see a toolbar. for the purpose of this tutorial, we are only interested in the following:

Each of these tools will distort the image in a certain way, with a little of playing around and creativity, you can create some awesome images.

To create the image on the left, select the "Bloat Tool", then set the tool options on the right to something similar to this:

Now just mover your brush over to the image, place it over the eye, then click and hold onto the left mouse button for about 1 - 2 seconds. DO NOT MOVE THE MOUSE! just click and hold. Moving the mouse will cause too much distortion to the image.

What I did next was use the same technique above but this time doing it to the lips.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with the liquify tool! Have a play around with it and see what kind of monster you can turn your family and friends into!!

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