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Hi Tech Interface

This tutorial will show you step by step how to create a nice looking hi-tech interface. You can use it for your website or softwares..

- Start a new document 600x200 and fill the background with #3E3F49.
- Select the rectangle shape tool and create a long horizontal bar like mine.

- Now apply the following layer styles to it:


- Now select the Rounded Rectangle Tool , and set the Radius to 60px:

- Then draw a shape about similar size to mine.

- Now go to Edit » Transform » Skew. This will give you handlers on each corner so you can resize/adjust the shape.
- Now use your cursor to pull the top right and left handle inside to give the sides a inward slant. Use your own judgement to make sure both sides slants equally.

Now apply the following layer styles to this shape. Layer » Layer Style


- Create a NEW LAYER
- Set your foreground color to WHITE,
- Now CTRL+CLICK on this layer to load the selection, then select the Brush Tool , set the brush size to 65 Soft Edge and make a straight stroke across the top edge of the selection. Start from outside the selection, then all the way through to outside the other end. (see image). Hold down shift while you do this to get a straight stroke.

- CTRL+D to deselect.
- Now move this layer (the one you just brused) up by about 3 or 4px.
- Now set the layer's opacity down to about 50%

Now choose the rounded rectangle tool, set the radius to 20px, then draw a shape just near the top edge of the shape. Make it smaller than the shape and not to go outside it.

Then set this layer's opacity down to 20%

Now lets add some details to our pipe. choose (by choose, i mean select it as the working layer in the layer's pallete, a working layer pallete is highlighted dark blue) the pipe layer (the first layer we created), then go to layer » rasterize » shape.

Now, use the rectangular marquee tool and make a 225 wide and 5px high selection on the bottom of the pipe.

Now press DELETE, this will delete selected area of the pipe, but because it has some dropshadows on it, it will give it some depth.

now, use your imagination with the above step, create different size selections, different places. Note that this will only look good if done with thin selections, and a more towards the bottom of the pipe.

Now maybe you can add some wires to the interface to make it look hi-tech. Adding a wire is pretty easy.
- Create a new layer
- create a selection using the circular marquee tool (if you know how to use the pen tool, you can make more advanced wires).
- Go to Edit » Stroke, enter 3px, and choose your wire's color.

Then apply the following Bevel and Emboss layer style to it. Now just use the eraser tool with hard edge brush and delete away the unwanted part of the wire.


Here is mine.


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