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Human to Zombies

Here is a very quick and easy way to turn any human into scary deformed zombies..

Open the image you want to modify. Here is mine. you can download this image HERE. You will also need THIS IMAGE for this tutorial

Now, open the cracked earth image , copy and paste it into the photo you want to modify. To copy and paste, open the file, go to EDIT » SELECT ALL. then go back to your project image and go to EDIT » PASTE.

If the cracked earth image is not big enough or too big, you can resize it so it covers the area you want to apply this effect.

Now just change the Layer Mode of the cracked earth layer to "Linear Light", and change the opacity down to about 60%.


Now simply use the eraser tool and erase out any area you don't want the cracks to cover, in my case, I want her hands to appear normal, only her face is cracked. You may need to occasionally change the size of your brush so you can erase smaller or larger areas.

So that's it, you can do alot more from here, just play around with it and see what else you can come up with. For example, I also erased out the eyes and lips part of the image and gave the original image a little sharpening "Filter » Sharpen » Sharphen"


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User Comments

Noneya buisness Jan/15/2014 01:37That zombie looks like the thing from fantastic four.
Paul Mcdinggledong Nov/21/2013 06:49Shitty tut!!
fuckoff Nov/01/2013 07:10looks like elijahwine davis that has the chi wat face
psychoslick Nov/01/2013 06:49wat the fuck
peanut mannnn Oct/30/2013 02:38nigga
robert Oct/30/2013 02:37ggagagagagagagagagy
epic Oct/09/2013 00:08it looks like a he she
epic Oct/09/2013 00:08it looks like a he she
epic Oct/09/2013 00:08it looks like a he she
arzu akihiro Mar/03/2013 18:31its cool
mitchelle Dec/04/2012 19:58I found this another similar easy to follow Photoshop tutorials!
Бекжан Dec/17/2011 01:17это работают с фотошоппом?
Kayla Oct/25/2011 04:56cool
chetan nene Jun/20/2011 19:51dat also easy work hehehhehehehee so sumthing strange n difficult :)
Sumon chandra das Apr/16/2011 15:19I am a graphic designer. Really fine. Thank you.
Raju Jan/17/2011 15:32very nice
Fayth Ball Jan/05/2011 07:56This website is so cool I will go to it all the time.
avein antony Jan/03/2011 19:29oh thankzzzzzz thaknz a lot ....i love it
Gerry Dec/13/2010 05:23Don't worry about the whiners and the morons. Excellent tutiral. My students will love it. I experimented with different cracked earth photos, shapes, sizes and types and collors.. You can go limitless on this...
RICKY BOBBY BITCH Oct/26/2010 03:52All those useless shitbags saying they can make betters ones can suck a dick, this is a basic tutorial you useless piles of shit.
HSD Sep/26/2010 15:57i don't really like those editing. its so fake. view my facebook profile at
HSD Sep/26/2010 15:57i don't really like those editing. its so fake. view my facebook profile at
Ken Agim Sep/24/2010 23:41i just cant blive all this work is photoshop.can pls do more i just cant stop loving your work.
ed Aug/07/2010 21:14very bad
James Woods Aug/01/2010 14:58very fake looking. Could have been better. Keep trying :)
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