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Writing / Graffiti on the road

In this tutorial, we will be creating what looks like grafitti on the road.

Start a new document 600x600 (or any size you want), then use the BRUSH tool with brush size 21 SOFT EDGE, and foreground color set to black. Just scribble on the canvas (maybe scriblle some writings?)

Now apply the polar coordinate filter: Filter » Distort » Polar Coordinates (Polar to Rectangular)
Now rotate the canvas: Image » Rotate Canvas » 90CW
Then Invert: Image » Adjustments » Invert

Now apply this filter: Filter » Stylize » Glowing Edges
(Width: 2, Brightness: 6, Smoothness: 5)

Now apply this filter: Filter » Stylize » Wind
( Method: Wind, Direction: From the right)

Rotate the canvas back to normal: Image » Rotate Canvas » 90CCW

Then apply filter: Filter » Distort » Polar Coordinates
(Options: Rectangular to Polar)

Now the final step is to apply the filter: Filter » Sketch » Recticulation
( Density: 13, Foreground Level: 50, Background Level: 6)

You can use the Transform tool to adjust your image's angle so it looks more like a road's surface. (use Edit » Transform » Skew, then pull the top handles inward.)

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