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Wood Texture

In this tutorial, i'll show you how to make wood, then use it to create a texture background. .

Wood Texture
Description: In this tutorial, i'll show you how to make wood, then use it to create a texture background.

- Start a new 300x700 document.

- Fill the background with color #A58541

- Go to Filter » Noise » Add Noise and set:

Amount: 60%
Distribution: Gaussian
Monochromatic: Checked

- Go to Filter » Blur » Motion Blur set:

Angle: 90
Distance: 40

- create a new layer.
press D, to set the foreground+background color to the default

Then go to: Filter » Render » Clouds

Set the top layer (Clouds layer) 's blending mode to Vivid Light and set the opacity to around 30% to 40%

Now merge all the layers together, to do this go to: Layer » Flatten Image.

When we applied the motion blur filter, we got something similar to this at the top and bottom of our image.

Now, we need to get rid of this so our whole wood texture will blend in better. There are 2 ways of doing this. The easier way is to use the crop tool and crop out the unwanted area, in effect, selecting only the blended wood area. The other way is to stretch the whole image's height so the unwanted area is out of the picture. Either way is fine.

Now, we need to blow up the image a little, so go to Image » Image Size and make the image about 15% larger, so if your image is 700 in height, enter 800 as the new height, as you enter the new height, you will see that the width will also change, leave it as is. Make sure "Constrain Proportion" is checked. Then click ok

Now to make the wood look more realistic, we will create some knots.

Because my image is croped to fit on this page, we can't really see any dark or light patches, but if you look on yours, you may see some light and dark patches on your wood, this is the area we will use to create the knows.

Select the elliptical marquee tool and make a small selection around any dark patch on your wood, select half of the dark patch and half of the normal patch just like my screenshot on the left.

Now go to Select » Feather and set radius to about 20 px.

Now go to Filter » Distort » Wave. You can play around with the settings or you can match mine below. If you dont like the one formed, just click Randomize so it generate another one for you.

You can add more knots by repeating the above step.

After your finished playing around with the knots, go to Filter » Distort » Twirl and set angle to around about 60

The wood texture is almost done, because we applied so many filters to it, the wood is now looking rather blurry. Lets go to Filter » Sharpen » Unsharp Mask

Click HERE to view my full image

Next we are going to create wood texture out of this.

Create a new document about 700x300

Go back to your wood image, select all, copy then paste it into the new document. Don't worry about the white area around the image.

CTRL+click on the wood layer you just pasted to make a selection around it.

Then go to Filter » Pattern Maker and set to the following:

Now click Generate. You should get a wood texture like the left.


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