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Wallpaper Effect

This tutorial walks you through steps in creating a warped effect that you can use to create artistic and profressional background and wallpapers..

The first step is to define a new pattern.

- Start a new document: 60px wide, and 10px high, and for contents, select "Transparent".


Use the zoom tool to zoom your canvas so we can see it a little better.

Now use the rectangular marquee tool to draw a 30px by 10px selection on your canvas.

Then fill it with black. Then Press CTRL+D to deselect.

Now, go to Edit » Define Pattern, a screen will popup asking for a name, name your pattern "Stripe" then click OK.

Now you can close this document.

Now, start a new document.

Width: 600px Height: 600px, Content: White

- Create a NEW LAYER

- Then go to Edit » Fill
in the Fill box, Use: select Pattern, and in the Custom Pattern options, select the pattern you just created in the previous step. Leave the blending options alone.

Your canvas should now be filled like the screenshot on the left.

Now, apply the polar coordinate filter.

Filter » Distort » Polar Coordinates
- Options: Rectangular to Polar

- Now apply this gradient overlay layer style to the layer.
Gradient Overlay

- Create a NEW LAYER, link the new layer and this layer together, then go to Layer » Merge linked.

- Now duplicate this layer. (right click on the layer in the layers pallette and select "Duplicate Layer"). Change the Blending Mode to "Multiply"

- Now go to Edit » Transform » Rotate
Then just rotate this layer by just a few degrees to offset it from the original..

- Repeat the above 2 steps, several times but change the Blending mode to "Overlay" and "Screen" and "Normal".

Click to view full size

Now link all the layers together (except the background) and go to Layer » Merge Linked.

Now just fill your background layer with a color and experiment.

You can move the top layer around to create the crystal spikes look or just leave it in the center for a warped effect type background.

In the image to the left, I simply applied Filter » Blur » Radial Blur, method: Zoom , and amount by about 40.

Here's more images I made using the associated filters:

Filter » Distort » Spherize (3 times)

Filter » Distort » Twirl (2 times)

Filter-Distort » Polar Coordinates (Rect to Polar)

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mitchelle Dec/04/2012 19:59I found this another similar easy to follow Photoshop tutorials!
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Jill Jan/05/2011 04:23I could not get this to work. Maybe I am just dumb.
kiran Dec/15/2010 19:51nice
nok Oct/25/2010 05:27vist for basic training of phtoshop training/Basic training.html
RAJIV PUNJABI Jul/11/2010 23:31nice and very easy tutorial thanks
Clipping Path Jun/12/2010 20:53fantastic one.. like it very much... thanks :-)
Clipping Images Apr/06/2010 20:36cool effect dude.. nice work :-)
Sergio Feb/20/2010 00:27Great tutorial, helped me a lot. Thanks!
asif sayyed Dec/15/2009 20:26it is amazing
Karen Nov/15/2009 13:23The tutorial is simple, thanks for sharing. Hopefully, someone can answer my question. I can do everything but the spherize one. I did Filter > Distort > Spherize thrice and it didn't resemble the result here at all. Granted, my result isn't identical to his but I even tried it on the example posted here. What are the settings for spherize?
Paul Oct/16/2009 12:49ok for the people who did not get the gradient part he forgot to mention that in blend mode he selected "Lighter Color" select that and done. Hope this helps
WAN_GHOST Oct/05/2009 20:05i manage to do all the the result from me is not excellent like the simple......make me really unsatisified
WAN_GHOST Oct/05/2009 20:05i manage to do all the the result from me is not excellent like the simple......make me really unsatisified
Jai prakash sah Aug/21/2009 20:41dhansu hai dear means its a great thing to see.
C J Unnikrishnan Aug/02/2009 01:47Oh great dear.........working well !!! thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
likaka May/19/09 01:58what the hell i dont even understand these stuff...
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