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How to Create a dazzling universe in Photoshop

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we're going to learn how to use Photoshop tools to create a awesome universe. It's not that simple, but you will learn alot of tools and tricks and looks very good in the end. .

 Step 10
Once again duplicate Layer 4. In layer panel move the duplicate layer 'Layer 4 copy 3' below 'Layer 4'. Now change the 'Outer Glow' color of 'Layer 4' using blending option as shown in the following image.
Step 11

Now, In layer panel create a new layer and name it as 'Layer 6'. Draw a circle using 'Marquee tool'.

Right click on Layer 6 and apply the following blending option setting.
After that set the layer style to 'Dissolve'.
Set the opacity 10% and fill to 0%.

Step 12
Create a new layer, name it as 'Layer 7' and fill it with white color, set the layer style to Dissolve, opacity to 20%, Fill to 20%.
After that right click on Layer 7 and apply 'Color Overlay' using blending option. Keep the settings as shown in the following image.
Step 13
Duplicate Layer 7 and rename it as 'Later 8'. Right click on this layer and choose blending options. Change 'Color Overlay' settings as shown in the image given below.
Step 14

To give a swirl effect as shown in the following image, you can use this image

Use 'Free Transform' (ctrl T) tool in the toolbar to make the image smaller.
Duplicate 'Layer 9' and rename it as 'Layer 10'.
after that fill it with color #00d8f4.
Next, using 'Smudge Tool' in the toolbar, smudge the 'Layer 10' as shown in following image.
Result will look like this.
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