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Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials


Photo to Color Sketch

74 Comments | Viewed 169,963 times

In this tutorial, we will turn an ordinary photo into a colored sketch.


Removing Wrinkles

150 Comments | Viewed 168,790 times

In this tutorial, we will be using the healing brush to remove wrinkles from a photo. This technique can also be used to remove blemishes.


Fix Underexposed photos

33 Comments | Viewed 95,300 times

This tutorial shows you how to fix those underexposed photos in less than 5 seconds.


Fun with the Liquify Tool

134 Comments | Viewed 119,918 times

This tutorial introduces the basics of the liquify filter, the basic tools and what they can do to an image.


Artistic Painting

55 Comments | Viewed 111,340 times

This tutorial utilise the History Brush to turn any picture or photo into an artistic painting.


Smooth Skin

1286 Comments | Viewed 924,516 times

This tutorial will show you how to edit people's faces to smooth out their skins, just like how models are edited in magazines.


Photo to sketch

58 Comments | Viewed 130,265 times

This tutorial shows you how to turn a photo into a sketched image.


Cool Edges

64 Comments | Viewed 214,586 times

This is a simple tutorial to show you some techniques on how to create some nice borders for your images.


Old Photo Effect

93 Comments | Viewed 163,559 times

Here is a quick and simple way to turn your photo into an old photo


Changing Color 2

136 Comments | Viewed 222,056 times

This is a simple tutorial that will effectively change the colors of any objects in your image.

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