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Shooting stars trail

In this tutorial, we'll create shooting stars with trails effect that are used in alot professional advertisings and prints..

Start a new document about 600x600 or bigger

Select the custom shapes tool

and then from the shapes menu, select the "STAR" shape, like the one you see above. This shape comes free with photoshop. if you don't see it in your list, it may not be loaded. To load all the shapes. CLICK HERE to see how to load shapes. Then browse to your shapes directory (by default, its in your Photoshop Folder/Presets/Custom Shapes) then select the file All.csh then click load. You should now have alot more shapes, and among them is your star shape.

Press "D" to reset your colors to black and white. Now with your star shape selected, draw the star shape onto your canvas. Make sure to draw your star at the bottom of the canvas, leaving plenty of room above for the star's "trail"

Tip: Hold down shift while drawing your star to maintain its shape.

Now, on the opposite end corner of the star, mark a spot where your star trail will end. look at my example on the left. You can mark the spot by creating a new layer, then use the type tool and type "X", that way, we can remove the X later without affecting the image.

Now, apply the following layer styles to the star.

Inner Shadow | Gradient Overlay | Stroke

Click to view larger image

Now create a NEW LAYER below the "star shape" layer

Now select the polygonal lasso tool, draw straight lines from one of the star's point to the X mark we created in step 2, and then back to the star's next point. see image for example.


Now fill that selection on the new layer you just created with a color. Now apply this gradient overlay layer style to the new layer.

Gradient Overlay

Now just repeat the last 2 steps, each for one of the star's points, ignoring obvious ones that you cant see the trail anyway. Each time you draw a trail, remember to create a NEW LAYER underneath the previous one. Also, each time, you can alter the angle of the gradient overlay slightly to differentiate the trails angle.

See the images below to see what corners/points I drew the trails.



The left image is the result of all top layers merged together, duplicate it and flipped it.


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