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Recreate the Starcraft 2 Logo

Follow the steps to recreate the starcraft 2 logo. Alot of play and fun with layer styles and other tricks..

DOWNLOADS: Starcraft Font | PSD File

Create a quick and sleek 'StarCraft' text effect with this easy Photoshop tutorial. The effect can be used to liven up your desktop.

Here is the final image that we’ll be creating :
 Step 1
Create a new document of size 600x600. We will create the background first. For that create a new layer 'Layer 1' and fill it with 'Black' color. Right click on it and choose 'Blending option'. Apply following blending option settings.
Set the opacity of 'Layer 1' to 40%.
 Step 2
Create another layer and rename it as 'Layer 1A'. Take Gradient tool from toolbar and fill the layer with gradient color as shown in the following image.
Set the opacity of 'Layer 1A' to 20%.
 Step 3
To give a metallic texture effect to the background, take any metal texture image. Click here to download the metal texture image which I have used in this tutorial. Now drag this metal texture image in the canvas and rename the layer as 'Layer 2'
Set the layer style of Layer 2 to 'Vivid Light' and keep the opacity 70%. The metallic background is perfectly ready now.
 Step 4
Create new layer and name it as 'Layer 3'. Take 'Polygonal Lasso' tool from toolbar and draw a shape as shown in the following image.
Right click on 'Layer 3' and duplicate it. Now flip the duplicate layer 'Layer 3 copy' to 'Horizontal' as shown in the following image.
Select 'Layer 3' and 'Layer 3 copy' and merge them together by pressing key 'CTRL + E'
Now both the shapes will be on one layer.
 Step 5
Apply 'Outer Glow' using 'Blending option' settings as shown in the below image. To get Blending option panel, right click on Layer 3
 Step 6
Duplicate 'Layer 3' and rename it as 'Layer 4', right click on it and choose 'Blending' option. Apply following blending option effects, keep the settings as shown in the images given below.
The final effect will look like this.
 Step 7
Now drag metal texture image in the canvas again and rename the layer as 'Layer 5'.
Select Layer 4 by holding down 'CTRL' key. You will get following result.
By pressing 'CTRL + Shift + I', delete the unwanted portion as shown in the below image.
Set the layer style of 'Layer 5' to 'Color Dodge' and opacity to 70%.
Select Layer 5 by holding down 'CTRL' key and create new layer. Rename it as 'Layer 6' and fill it with 'Orange' color. The Final result will look like this.
Using 'Eraser' tool from toolbar, erase the orange portion leaving some parts of top area and some parts of the bottom. please refer following images for this.
After erasing the result will look like this.
 Step 8
Time to add the text now. So on Layer 6 enter the text 'StarCraft'. Click here to download the typical starcraft font.
Select 'C' and increase the font size as shown in the below image.
 Step 9
Right click on 'StarCraft' and choose Blending option. Apply following blending option effects as shown in following image.
And we are done! Your StarCraft artwork is ready. I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

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