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Crystal Mountains

This tutorial is really just a random effect that I came up with after fiddling around in photoshop, but the end result looks rather nice. It shows you have to create what seems to look like a crystal looking mountain with grass on the walkway. .

Start a new document 600x600.

Set your colors to default black and white by pressing "D".

Fill your background with black.

Now go to Filter » Render » Difference Clouds.

Press CTRL+F 2 more times to apply it 2 more times.

Now go to Filter » Stylize » Wind
Method: Wind
Direction: From the Right

Press CTRL+F five times to reapply the wind filter 5 more times.

Now go to Image » Rotate Canvas » 90CCW.


Now go to Filter » Sharpen » Unsharp Mask.

Amount: 500%
Radius: 2.0
Threshold: 0

Then Filter » Sharpen » Sharpen. do this twice.


Then Duplicate this layer, and hide the top layer. We'll work with the bottom layer now.

With the bottom layer selected, go to Image » Adjustments » Color Balance.

For each of the tone balance, set the following color levels.
Midtones: [-49] [+100] [-100]
Shadows: [-53] [-100] [-100]
Highlights: [-48] [-36] [-69]

Of course, you can play around with these tone balance settings, you can get really nice colors playing with these values.

Below is what I got in my final using the above settings.

Here is one using another tone balance setting.

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User Comments

mitchelle Dec/04/2012 20:08I found this another similar easy to follow Photoshop tutorials and I learn a lot too!
ada K Oct/17/2012 03:01what was the point of duplicating the layer and then hiding the top layer? Am I supposed to do something with it?
Walppaper Crapper! Aug/14/2010 03:57hahaha god i have created a wallpaper! for me i have inverted i have posted(bad english :() or digited 768 x 1024 then i have rotate i have made the walpapper!
hhh Jun/11/2010 05:33hmm i learned 1 more thing on photoshop :)
Carlos Suárez May/20/2010 03:01tks for the tutorial, its very nice, I to aplicated to my hi5, Take care. See you.
NDR Mar/07/2010 13:57Lil tip: Make the duplicated layer visible and set the blend mode to vivid light. It gives it a very cool glowing effect. Dec/16/2009 00:32NICE!!
graphomet Nov/28/2009 22:07very smart way of making a nice crystal like to use it to one of my projects if possible and credit you for it??!?!?!? pls notify me. best regards.
jaydeb Oct/16/2009 20:45no comens, reyaly very good
ismail Aug/26/2009 20:21###############.very goooooooood.realy imazing.###############
ali ahmad hamdam Jul/15/09 15:41very good but what is the coloe balance ???????????????
arunkumar Jul/6/09 21:30really amazing
Rob May/28/09 23:01for some reason, when i create the difference clouds, they look nothing like the ones you have. apart from that, brilliant tutorial and very easy to follow
Bipul Mar/21/09 16:30Really Very Good steps for learning
JoHnSoN Jan/28/09 21:17very easy steps and attractiveeee...........
phits Jan/10/09 15:45very nice pinabilib mo ako
aashish Dec/1/08 01:52you are a cool guy
sandeep kaur Nov/10/08 23:07v. good
Will Brazier-Smith Nov/8/08 04:11Simple, easy to follow instructions, and a good result visually too! Can't beat that. Nov/5/08 06:47One of the best and easiest to followed the instruction. Thanks!
Henry Aug/20/08 00:47Wow, that's really awesome! It looks so magical.. I wonder if some lighting effects would make it look even more awesome? Gotta try ;) Keep it up!
Albarrán Aug/16/08 08:47lo sencillo es lo mas padre
MISSA Jun/2/08 09:02eitale que onda primero que nada saludando0o oie segui los paso0os de vdd que es muy facil no me lo imaginaba, oie publica mas fondo0os de efecto0os que son muy bueno0os en vdd, y aparte con la explicacion tan clara gracias un monto0on eee!!!!! sobres publica mas imagenes con efecto0os xfa que son muy buenos bye : )
Heatcliff May/3/08 19:59really sweet effect, gonna try and figure out how I should incorporate it into some of my own creations. Thanks a bunch ^^
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