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Crystal Mountains

This tutorial is really just a random effect that I came up with after fiddling around in photoshop, but the end result looks rather nice. It shows you have to create what seems to look like a crystal looking mountain with grass on the walkway. .

Start a new document 600x600.

Set your colors to default black and white by pressing "D".

Fill your background with black.

Now go to Filter » Render » Difference Clouds.

Press CTRL+F 2 more times to apply it 2 more times.

Now go to Filter » Stylize » Wind
Method: Wind
Direction: From the Right

Press CTRL+F five times to reapply the wind filter 5 more times.

Now go to Image » Rotate Canvas » 90CCW.


Now go to Filter » Sharpen » Unsharp Mask.

Amount: 500%
Radius: 2.0
Threshold: 0

Then Filter » Sharpen » Sharpen. do this twice.


Then Duplicate this layer, and hide the top layer. We'll work with the bottom layer now.

With the bottom layer selected, go to Image » Adjustments » Color Balance.

For each of the tone balance, set the following color levels.
Midtones: [-49] [+100] [-100]
Shadows: [-53] [-100] [-100]
Highlights: [-48] [-36] [-69]

Of course, you can play around with these tone balance settings, you can get really nice colors playing with these values.

Below is what I got in my final using the above settings.

Here is one using another tone balance setting.

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