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Micro Buttons

Micro buttons are quite popular on the internet, this tutorial will show you how to create a micro button that is crisp and clean to use for your website navigation. .

- Start a new document.
- Create a new layer.
- Then use the rectangle marquee tool and create a selection the size of the button you want to create and fill it in with light grey (#E3E3E3)

Now CTRL+D to deselect and zoom into the image large enough for us to work with single pixels (i zoomed in at 600%)

- Create a new layer.
- Use the pencil tool with 1 pixel hard edge brush selected, then draw 4 lines like I have below. (Left and Top: #6D6D6D - Right and Bottom: #303030) Now you can hide

Now draw another right and bottom line (inside and outside) using color:
(Outside #A8A8A8, Inside: #BEBEBE)


Now draw another line inside, this time, all 4 sides. Use color:: ( Right and Bottom #D1D1D1. Left and Top: #FFFFFF

Now use the type tool to create your text. We will use "Verdana" I think this is standard on windows (if you dont have it, try arial) and use the following settings in your characters pallete to create a pixel font.

Then apply the following drop shadow (Layer » Layer Style » Drop Shadow) to the text layer.

Now zoom out to acutal size and there you have it, a microbutton to use for your website.


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