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Layered Text

Here you will learn how to create multi layered text effect which you can apply to both texts and other layers. A Great effect for logos, and signage..

Start photoshop with a new document, large enough to accomodate your texts.

Use the TYPE tool to create your text.

Then duplicate this text layer so you end up having 2 identical layers.

First, we will work with the TOP text layer.
apply the following Layer styles to the top text layer.
(Layer » Layer Style » ....)

Drop Shadow
Inner Shadow
Bevel and Emboss
Gradient Overlay

Now, make sure your still working on the top layer, then go to Layer » Rasterize » Type

After this, the top layer text will no longer be editable.

Now hide the top layer by clicking on the "eye" icon next to it, so we can see the bottom text layer.


Now apply the following layer styles to the bottom text layer:

Inner Shadow
Bevel and Emboss
Gradient Overlay

Now, show the top layer by enabling the eye icon again, you will now see the top text layer, the bottom layer hidden underneath.

Now select your Eraser tool, using a HARD EDGE brush, and partially erase the top text layer, revealing the bottom layer...

This part is where you can get creative and erase whatever part you want, using different brush sizes...



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User Comments

Namma Oct/19/2013 22:41Geez folks, get a little smart and experiment with masks also instead of just erasing. Tutorials show basic technique and then, you should get inspired so as to ask YOURSELF "What if?"
mitchelle Dec/04/2012 20:14I found this another similar easy to follow Photoshop tutorials and I also learn a lot!
GRISELDA Nov/02/2012 06:28THIS IS HARD!!!
linda Oct/25/2012 04:39ughhhh
BILL May/12/2012 02:02Yo momma is so right
Me o.O Jul/06/2011 02:57that class. thanks gotta try it lol :D
pabonick Jun/16/2011 00:01Thank you very much ^^
MuhkaaayLuhh Oct/12/2010 04:06Reaal Ckooo..., !
arun singh Sep/25/2010 18:12 i like your tutorial very much thanks to you for make the good tutorial.
Derek Jun/17/2010 17:33It actually inspired me for my logo design and I got my designer from to design a logo incorporating elements found from your tut. It came out better than expected as I thought it would be difficult to look strong and corporate but it looked really polished. Even my friends who were skeptics at first were blown away by how the logo design turned out. I got to thank you for posting this tut as I did show to my designer for reference to how I want it to look like. Thanks heaps!
nafertiti Apr/24/2010 06:32greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Cindy Ko Feb/05/2010 01:11Thank you so much I finish my homework!!
adsl Jan/21/2010 21:17It is very
User Dec/15/2009 04:38I like how this tutorial is supposed to look, but I couldn't get mine to look like that.
N.Blue Nov/17/2009 23:50Can you use other effects than spots and stripes?
Sexxziie Nov/12/2009 08:21eii qeehh PedoO.!!! =DD
don don Nov/10/2009 04:21donovan
divya Sep/20/2009 15:57nice effect
Zico Sep/16/2009 16:49Really nice tutorial ... I like the theme
Rohfun All in one Jul/28/2009 06:16thanks 4 learn
Kinga in hungary Jul/10/09 06:21This totorial is very good. But the color-code are missing and this problam is very wrong.
Zane Jun/30/09 14:22Tried posting a link to my artwork, not sure if it actually worked or not!
lilprincess May/6/09 23:04commom man..ur tutorial isn't in complete form..ur text is very nice...but the way u explained is sick..
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