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Gold Texture

This tutorial shows you how to create texture that looks like gold. .

Start a new document 600x600 with white background. Reset your colors to black and white

Create a new layer, then go to filter » render » clouds

Now duplicate this clouds layer twice, hence giving you 3 same clouds layer.

Select the "Layer 1 copy 2", then go to Edit » Transform » Flip Horizontal. Set this layer's blending mode to "lighten".

Select the "Layer 1 copy", then go to Edit » Transform » Flip Vertical. Set this layer's blending mode to "Lighten"

Then go to Layer » flatten Image.

Now go to Filter » Sharpen » Unsharp Mask
Amount: 500%
Radius: 2

Then go to Filter » Sharpen » Sharpen. Press CTRL+F to reapply.

Apply the following Lighting Effect:
The color used is: #C5940B

Here is mine.

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User Comments

kavita katvi Jul/12/2012 19:37Its not looking gold effect.pls try agin
ammyjames Apr/27/2012 14:17Considerably nice content, this kind of post is definitely good along with intriguing one for readers. Cisco Data Center Storage Networking Design Specialist Cisco CCIE Service Provider Operations Cisco Specialist Cisco IRON Port Cisco Advanced Security Field Specialist
Quanil Mar/27/2012 06:06Thanks for sharing is wonderful to learn something new .... hugs
Anyelo Aug/30/2011 07:06Thanks alot
Jason Feb/17/2011 10:06Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial. Just the effect I was after and your process looks great and realistic. Just an FYI for Mac users: at the time of writing this, Lighting Effects is disabled on Mac's running PS in 64 bit mode. To fix this simply Get Info on Photoshop and select run in 32 bit mode. Relaunch PS and you're good to go.
MJ Nov/27/2010 13:41it wont let me go into lighting effects... :( why?
Hamster Oct/24/2010 01:17its loopable! great!
Cindy Mar/26/2010 10:19Yes, very cool. Thanks!
tokioooo (: Dec/10/2009 08:10(: this helps me a lot with my projects @school, thanks!
John Nov/19/2009 09:49Very nice. I used color #FFDF00 - Golden yellow. Thank you very much.
Ayse Sep/30/2009 07:02Thank you very much
LordFarquad Sep/25/2009 05:30Mark waz here ^_-
Robin Aug/15/2009 21:05The lighting effect is found in Filter -> Render -> Lighting effects. Great tutorial!
whoa flung dung Jun/11/09 02:45it ok i find how it done
whoa flung dung Jun/11/09 02:31how i do light effect goodbye
JakeHilfter Jun/8/09 07:30I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.
CreditCardsOffers Jun/2/09 13:39Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.
picha Feb/25/09 01:31awesome! This is really usefull stuff, thanks!!
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Rendell Feb/2/09 06:31When you do the lighting effects, click on the qhite box on the right and a colour window pops up, at the bottom of the window type in the code the author has given above.
durgaprasad Nov/18/08 21:27Its not looking clearley as gold effect.pls try to modiefy.
AH Nov/16/08 03:12Thanks
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Whoever.. Sep/13/08 17:17May i suggest using: Ctrl + U before you save.. just to adjust the color.
tenrobso Sep/12/08 11:49mmm..not a rat, but an elderly dog reserving its judgement.
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