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Glossy Orb Button

In this tutorial, we will create a shiny orb button which then can be used for things like logos and interface designs..

Start a new document about 250x250 pixels, then select your "elipse tool" shape in your toolbar and draw a perfect round circle shape.

HINT: Hold down SHIFT+while drawing your shape to get a perfect circle shape.

Now apply the following layer styles to this shape. (Layer » Layer Style...)
» Gradient Overlay
» Bevel and Emboss
Now, select your circle shape tool again, and draw another perfect circle shape on top of the previous shape, this time, slightly smaller, and center it on top of the bottom layer. See screenshot.
Now, apply these layer styles to the top layer (Layer » Layer Style...) and you should have something similar to mine.
» Gradient Overlay
» Inner Shadow
» Stroke

- Now create a new layer above the other 2 shapes
- Use the Elliptical marquee tool to make a selection like in my example. (FRAME 1)
- Then move your cursor to the layers pallete placing it just above the top shape's layer

hold down CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+CLICK on that layer. Your selection will convert to another selection like in FRAME 2.

Fill this layer in with white, then press CTRL+D to deselect.

Set the layer to SOFT LIGHT, and set it's opacity to 80%

Then use the eraser tool with a soft edge (size around 60px) and erase out the bottom portion of that layer.

You can add a hue & saturation layer above all the layers to adjust the color of this orb.
To add a hue & saturation layer, click on this icon on the bottom of the layer's pallete.

Here are some in different colors


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