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New Earth

With just a few short and easy techniques, i'll show you how to create your own new planet earth. .

Start a new document 600x600. Set the foreground and background to Blue and White.

Then Go to Filter » Render » Clouds

Then go to Filter » Sketch » Note Paper.

Image Balance: 35
Graininess: 0
Relief: 25

You can play around with the image balance to get the shapes of your continents.

Use the circular marquee tool and make a round selection as big as you can on the image. Hold down shift while making the selection ensures you get a perfect circle.

Then go to Filter » Distort » Spherize

Amount: 100%

Then Edit » Copy

Then CTRL+N to create a new document.

The newly created document size should be left as is because photoshop will use the size of the copied image, else, just create a new document about 650x650.

Then in the new document, go to Edit » Paste to paste the image onto the new document.

You should now have a globe on white background.

Add a 1 pixel stroke to the image.

If you want to learn how to create stars, See the SIMPLE STARS tutorial

A little bit of modification, I came up with this.
DOWNLOAD PSD FILE To see the extras I did.

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