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Fur Texture

In this tutorial, we will create some fur texture with spots..

- Start a new document.

- Fill the background with #AC703D

- Set your foreground color to #64300A

- Create a new layer, and use hard edge brush and paint your spots. similar to mine.

- Now apply a 1px stroke to the spots. (Layer> Layer Style » Stroke) Stroke color: #B14D03

Now Flatten the image: Layer » Flatten Image.


- Now go to Filter » Blur » Gaussian Blur: set 1px

- Now add some noise: Filter » Noise » Add Noise.
Amount: 15%. Distribution: Uniform. Monochromatic: Checked

- Now add some motion blur: Filter » Blur » Motion Blur: Angle: 45. Distance: 6

Here is mine after applying some lighting effects.
(Filter » Render » Lighting Effects)

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User Comments

Ldesign Jan/24/2013 06:25Awesome tut!! thank you for sharing,GBU
morissa Jul/27/2012 07:11what program is this for. i use gimp and i cannot find the stroke style....
Pappleboy Feb/06/2012 21:31Papple
venom Nov/30/2011 04:26A really big thanks for the tips
corvalho Nov/07/2011 06:05just great, thanks...
subash Jun/28/2011 19:19thank a lot...
dattu Mar/30/2011 19:10Really nice thanq
vidya sagar Dec/31/2010 21:03thanq so much its very nice nd so simple
shital Dec/06/2010 04:04wow just simple way show n help tat tutto..... n v,helpful me n other..thankxxxx
shital Dec/06/2010 04:04wow just simple way show n help tat tutto..... n v,helpful me n other..thankxxxx
akhilesh Nov/01/2010 17:12fjdgnjfg
Seenu Oct/27/2010 17:10its clear and simple but it very nice!!!..........
griselda Sep/28/2010 22:41thanks
Christina Jul/30/2010 18:05Thank you so much! :D Your tutorial really helped me out. Used it without the spots for a female doe.
TwitterBackgrounds Jul/22/2010 20:58Your explainations are clear and easy to follow step by step. It's a good tut.
hemant Jun/01/2010 22:25thanks yaaar what a texture i like so much its very useful (can u teach me some texture if yes send me email )
dfgdfbvfxczfbzxc May/06/2010 00:08sdgsdfbvxcbv
beetool Apr/20/2010 05:54brilliant, thanks for sharing
Clipping Path Mar/16/2010 16:39very good and useful tuts it is! i like it, thanks :-)
deepika Mar/15/2010 23:09thanks a lot for this tut!
chuky Mar/08/2010 11:05 tnx i was looking for this
Sheldon thy crab warrior. Feb/06/2010 08:27thy king of althador be preached th thy divine above. Castle crown me king. Awesome tutorial man!! :) call me!
basmah Sep/04/2009 08:20nice work. i will do it later , thank you so mutch
Jewel Jul/28/2009 16:08Great tutorial! Thanks!
Tookieloo123 Jul/10/09 05:24what program did you use to make that fur, and where can you get it?
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