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Light Burst Effect

This tutorial will show you through use of a series of filters to create an effect that you can use for your backgrounds or header background for your webpage..

- Start a new document (640x480)

- press "D" to reset your color pallete to black and white.

- Go to Filter » Render » Clouds

- Now go to Filter » Pixelate » Mosiac
Set Cell Size to 20 squares

- Now apply Filter » Sharpen » Sharpen
Now press CTRL+F about 5 times to reapply

- Now go to Filter » Blur » Motion Blur
Angle: 90 Degree, Distance: 999
- Now go to Filter » Distort » Polar Coordinates
select Rectangular to Polar

- Next, go to Filter » Render » Lens Flare
Brightness: 100%, Lens Type: 105mm Prime
Position the lens in the center of the image

Now apply: Filter » Distort » Ocean Ripple
Ripple Size: 15, Ripple Magnitude: 5

Use the round marquee tool and make a selection around the white glow. Then go to Select » Feather: 20px

Then go to Filter » Distort » Spherize: 100% , Do it 1 more time but this time 50%

Now you can deselect.

Now apply some radial blur: Filter » Blur » Radial Blur
amount: 30, Method: Zoom, Quality: Best

Now just play with the colors, either using color balance (CTRL+B), or Hue & Saturation (CTRL+U)

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