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3D Text effect

This tutorial shows you how to create a nice 3D text using only photoshop 7..

Ok, lets start a new document, the document size depends on how big/much text you want to create using this 3D method.

With your new document, lets create your 3D text. Im using Arial Black, size 300px. (Note: DO NOT use the "Faux Bold" option on this text or the next step will fail).

Now we need to transform the text, in text mode, we cannot transform much of the text, we can rasterize the text, this will turn the text into bitmap image, the downsize is that when we transform the text, we will lose its crispiness. Another method we can use is to convert the text into vector shapes, so lets go ahead and do that. Layer » Text » Convert to shape.

Now go to Edit » transform » Perspective. and pull the right handlers at the bottom outward so it creates a perspective look.

Now you can do futher transforming by going to Edit » Transform » Skew/Distort, just transform until you are happy with your text.

Now, while holding down CTRL+ALT, press the UP arrow, as you will notice, this duplicates the layer, and move it up by 1 pixel. now do this about 35 times, after that, you will get something like this:

Now, what you need to do is marge ALL the "duplicated" layer together, EXCEPT the top one.

To do this, make sure you select the 2nd layer to the top and link it to ALL the layers underneath it together like so...(DO NOT link to the background layer)

Now just go to Layer » Merge Linked. This will merge all the bottom layers as one, leaving you with 1 layer on top, and 1 on the bottom (and of course, the background layer)

Now apply all these layer styles (Layer » Layer Styles » ... )to the bottom layer:

Gradient Overlay       Bevel and Emboss       Drop Shadow

Now apply all these layer styles (Layer » Layer Styles » ... )to the TOP layer:

Inner Shadow      Bevel and Emboss       Gradient Overlay       Pattern Overlay

and maybe add some colors to the background layer...

Here's another one, using a different Pattern Overlay setting to the above


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MG Jan/03/2014 01:09Awesome tut. Thanks so much :)
Pirla Oct/29/2013 11:24bravo testa di cazzo :D
DAWIT Oct/09/2013 04:23AMESEGNALEW (1OQ)
ryan Sep/05/2013 19:31hi there
prasada rao Jul/08/2013 14:46ITS GOOOOOOOOD
prasada rao Jul/08/2013 14:46ITS GOOOOOOOOD
sin Jun/30/2013 08:23bravoo .-)
sreenivasulu Jun/28/2013 21:18THANKS SIR THIS 3D TEXT WORK SHOP IS VERY NICE
Janice Apr/07/2013 02:01Thank you so much for a great tutorial! Love the 3D effect!
Asmat Nashad Mar/27/2013 14:59I WANT TO TEXT SOFTWARE
ululf01 Feb/27/2013 17:18wow very nice 3d design, thanks.
ozibite Feb/21/2013 16:31Nice way of creating 3D look. But the colors could have change to make it look better.
guruprabu Feb/02/2013 13:30i like very much in 3d text................
guruprabu Feb/02/2013 13:30i like very much in 3d text................
guruprabu Feb/02/2013 13:30i like very much in 3d text................
The Best Golf Driver Jan/29/2013 00:04This is what I was exactly looking for.Thank you very much for publishing nice and important topics.I recently identified and still have been studying along.Please keep it up.
Bestgrafice Jan/19/2013 08:09This is my vision for 3D font
ajeesh Jan/14/2013 23:23very good
imam sopian Jan/09/2013 15:04thanks ..
PENIS IN MY ANUS Dec/11/2012 01:10this made my pee pee super hard!
shalala lala Dec/04/2012 19:02Hey! I found this another similar easy to follow Photoshop tutorials!
Meeran Ahmed Oct/14/2012 19:45First of all thank you very much awesome tut keep it up good job secondly those giving negative feedback shame on you all if you don't know how to use photoshop go fuck off your self.
francis Aug/28/2012 09:10y not just use inskape? illustrator? it will make your life easier
Tezendra Aug/10/2012 13:09thanks, dear idea more.
Rock Jun/29/2012 20:58Useless............ not impressive like others
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