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3D Cliff Text

In this tutorial, i'll show you how to a text that look like it was formed by cliffs of mountains. .

Start a new document about 800x300.

Reset your foreground and background color to black and white (Press "D").

Then go to Filter » Render » Clouds.

Select the type tool and create your text. Make it fairly large, and position it towards the top.

CTRL+CLICK the text layer to load the selection, then go to SELECT » Feather, and enter 3. Now hide the text layer.

Set your foreground color to white and background to light grey. I used:#7E7E7E.
Now create a new layer, then go to Filter » Render » Cloud. Then go to Layer » Image » Flatten Image. (if prompt for "Discard Hidden Layers" Click ok.)

Now go to Image » Rotate Canvas » 90CW. Then Filter » Stylize » Wind:
Method: Wind. Direction: From the Right. Press CTRL+F about 7 times to reapply the wind filter. Then Image » Rotate Canvas » 90CCW to turn the image back to normal viewing.

Now Filter » Sharpen » Unsharp Mask. Amount: 500%. Radius: 2. Threshold: 0.
Then Filter » Sharpen » Sharpen. Reapply twice..

Now open the color balance box and play with the color sliders to get some nice colors.


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User Comments

AGNTROMI Jan/29/2014 01:39U did,t mentioned that u hav use noise
pradeepcandy Dec/07/2013 23:31for Feather selection in cs5 press shift f6.
Md. Omor Faruk Oct/31/2013 20:58Hi, The text effect is very nice
Gilbert Jul/30/2013 22:40VERY SIMPLE. But A Beginner Can't WORK WITH THIS TUTORIAL
Infience Jul/23/2013 01:14Very Beautiful Example. Step by Step Explanation. Even a quite novice can follow your tutorial easily. Good job done.
Oyegbile rebby May/23/2013 02:54Meh!!! Its so fantastic, i really luv d outcome.
Oyegbile rebby May/23/2013 02:53Meh!!! Its so fantastic, i really luv d outcome.
Seimour Butts Nov/08/2012 04:14Hi Mate, Dont mean to be a dick or anything, but theres some weird red lines going down the text. need to polish those photoshop skills me thinks.
DIVYAAAA Aug/13/2012 13:32VERY NICE TO DO THIS....
Rasoul May/26/2012 05:10tanks
Prudence May/18/2012 23:09Could I do something like this using water as the background?
thund Apr/07/2012 23:38can't do it in CS5
Бекжан Dec/17/2011 00:55че такое клик? пожалуйста ответте мне? )))
divyalakshmi Dec/08/2011 19:59very nice.
Hamudi Nov/05/2011 04:35yes there is feather in cs4 and cs5.. do select > modify > feather
Nitin Sharma Oct/12/2011 00:26nice effect thanks
Mersin Nakliyat Aug/11/2011 23:24great work.thank you so much
thampuran Aug/07/2011 22:46how can i open the color balance box in photoshop 7?
Breakthrough Jun/30/2011 14:36There's no select>feather on CS5. Can someone plz help??
Amalie Jun/27/2011 08:09I did this in CS5 and rather than blending the wind ended up looking like ice cycles. What a disappointment.
pabonick Jun/12/2011 00:09Thank you so much ^_^
Camie Yeyeah Apr/12/2011 16:35It's nice and I liked it. The steps are very easy to manage. :)
UniverseDrug Feb/25/2011 17:57Im Like Tis 3d Cliff Guyzz
clipping path Feb/07/2011 21:40Easy and simple...superb tut
saha Dec/28/2010 22:45there is no select > feather option in cs4.. what can i do?
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